Your EIDL and PPP Questions Answered By Pros | Coronavirus Update April 13

Your EIDL and PPP Questions Answered By Pros | Coronavirus Update April 13

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Posted by Ian H., President

April 14, 2020

Service companies are the backbone of the economy and Housecall Pro is committed to doing everything we can to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I hope you find the resources below helpful. Please share this email with other home services companies. 


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April 13, 2020 quick update

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The Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard reached over 2 million cases today and over 119,000 deaths worldwide. Notice that they are now reporting the number of people tested not recovered.

Here in the United States we have recorded over 682,000 cases and over 23,000 deaths as of 4:52 p.m. Pacific time as of Monday April 13th. 

Almost a third of the deaths are in New York City alone (7,349) and today Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that New York state’s death toll from Covid-19 has topped 10,000. 

US Response

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his counterparts in Washington and Oregon announced “a regional pact to recovery” from the coronavirus crisis today and agreed to work together to develop a plan to lift restrictions on daily life and reopen economies along the West Coast.

The announcement comes as six states in the Northeast — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island — also

agreed to coordinate regional efforts

to gradually ease restrictions adopted to prevent the spread of the virus.

President Donald Trump has set his sights on May 1 as a target date as he moves to launch an economic-focused council to tackle what a reopening of the economy would look like.

Today Trump also stated

that he has power over the nation’s governors in setting the terms of any reopening in individual states.

In other news, a

US sailor

from the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has died from COVID-19. The ship is the site of the largest COVID-19 outbreak in the military. The crew member was first diagnosed on March 30. An additional four other crew members have also been hospitalized. Nearly 600 sailors on the Roosevelt have tested positive for Covid-19, the US Navy said in a statement, adding that 92% of the Roosevelt's crew members have been tested for the virus.

Global Response

India’s State Minister


that they would extend their national lockdown. The lockdown was planned to end tomorrow, April 14, but has now been extended for at least another 2 weeks. 

Spain has begun to


its lockdown restrictions approximately one month after they were put in place. Some businesses, such as construction and manufacturing, have been allowed to re-open. However, most of the population must still remain at home and avoid shops, bars, and other public areas until April 26th, or longer. 





seem to be continuing a very recent trend in the decline of new daily cases in both countries.

April 13 Topic: Get your EIDL and PPP payout questions answered by 2 Pros who have received their money & a payroll expert

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Canadian Wage Bill

EIDL Application

PPP Application

  • Government's effort to inject money into the economy to keep people employed

  • 75% must go toward payroll, the other 25% needs to go to rent or utilities

  • Keep your people employed, invest in their future success so that you’re ready when the opportunity for more work comes to you

Unemployment Options

  • Layoffs are usually something that is permanent and you don’t intend to rehire them

  • Furlough allows employers to cut costs without completely cutting workers loose, it is a suspension from work without pay or partial hourly pay for a limited time saving you until you get your PPP funds or business pick up

Special Guests

  • Brandon Rivera

    , our San Jose Pro Leader located in Gilroy, CA. Owns Shine Coat Auto Detailing. Applied for the EIDL (with the help of his bookkeeper) on March 30th, received a $2,000.00 direct deposit this morning. Did not apply for the PPP.

  • Amanda Maria Brown

    , located in Dickson, TN. Owns David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC with her husband. Signed electronic forms with her local bank TriStar (located in a small town), for the PPP loan on Friday, April 10th and the money was in her account the same day. DID apply to the EIDL for the 10k during the first week of April (or whenever they changed the form to the 10k advance) - since then, all she has received is a confirmation #, but no emails or any other form of communication.

  • Kevin Hennessey

    , located in Plymouth, MA. Owns Brabo Payroll, a payroll company that works primarily with home service professionals. This guy knows just about any and everything when it comes to both the PPP and EIDL loans. He has received his 10k advance for EIDL. Continues to receive emails from SBA encouraging him to re-apply. Here is an

    email that he sent to his customers

    with some solid points / thought provoking questions that extremely important: 


  • Folks are having very different experiences with both PPP and EIDL. It feels slow but in 2019 SBA approved 60,000 loans, already they have approved 791,000. This 12 times number is the government doing its part

  • Success Stories

    • Amanda- our business runs debt free and were very apprehensive at first about applying for PPP. She applied 3 weeks ago by calling her personal bank who they had their house mortgage with and they sent over the easy application to fill out. They used 2019 profit & Loss net income statement, payroll for 2020 balance sheet. W-2s and and a 1090 form. Money was deposited to her bank account via direct deposit.

    • Kevin- Applied for and gotten both the PPP and EIDL. Applied with a local bank that he doesn’t bank with to earn his relationship. He applied last Thursday and by Saturday morning had his closing docs. His PPP loan is for two and a half months of payroll around 130K.

      • Be confident in your application and provide backup information for what you are trying to get to substantiate the request.

      • Payroll definitions change definitions when you apply (include employee paid medicare and SS and paid federal income tax) after Feb 15 those are deducted from forgiveness. The goal is not to spend every dime of the loan 

    • Brandon- Applied for EIDL on March 20 with the help of his accountant and reapplied using the streamlined application on the 31. Received a confirmation that he submitted the application and then on April 13 received a direct deposit for $2,000 but haven’t heard anything else back besides for his application being under review.  

  • Early wins are from the smaller local banks and Cabbage 

  • Remember that these are still humans on the other end of the application and building relationships are still at play.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask and be the squeaky wheel and ask for more money

  • Tips & Tricks

    • Patience is key

    • SBA debt relief program is the most underutilized program. The SBA is going to make 6 months of principal and interest payments. It is not a deferment, they are paying down the balance of your loan so that cahsflow on your end is freed up. 

    • The PPP 8 week period starts once money is deposited into your account, it doesn’t correlate with your payroll cycle

    • Keep organized by opening up a separate bank account for the money you receive through EIDL or PPP so that there is no confusion as to where those funds went and its easier to show that you used the funds for PPP how you were supposed to in order for the loan to be forgiven. And similarly keep the EIDL loan separate as well because you don't want redundancy between the two if you get both.


(Watch this section on YouTube



  • What do I do if I haven’t heard back from my SBA disaster loan assistance? (EIDL)

    • Make the call to SBA and know that you will be on hold for a while but keep pushing until you get the answer.

    • If you applied using the long form or paper application, re-apply using the quick 15 minute form online

  • I’m a sole proprietor and I don’t take a paycheck. I paid for everything from the business account. How do I show this as payroll?

    • Net Income 

  • Can someone clarify what the sequence of events leading up to the lending offer for the EIDL was? I filled out an online application and now I wonder how the information comes back to the applicant for the amount that is offered as a loan?

    • There is no contact since you apply online. The entire process was done over email, where I was then able to use a slider to select the loan amount and then they are verified and you sign electronically. A few days later I had a direct deposit for the $10,000 advance on my $15,000 loan. 

  • How will the money be listed in my bank account? I see a possible credit or deposit but I can’t match it to SBA. Will it show up?

    • SBA is on the front end of the deposit

    • EIDL says EIB L ADV

    • There are screenshots in the Facebook Group so you can see what others show

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