One Pro’s Advice on Operating Lean in a Crisis and Beyond

One Pro’s Advice on Operating Lean in a Crisis and Beyond

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Posted by JC Navarro

April 9, 2020

Texas Medley, owner of

Medley Heating and Air Conditioning

, began working in heating and cooling as a subcontractor, primarily doing install jobs for other contractors. He took his time, learning the industry and business skills in order to make the switch to running his own business. Even still, those first years were tough. The year he transitioned to running his own business, he made 60K. But by year four, he was up to seven figures.

Texas has learned the importance of “building a business that can operate in good times and in bad times.” He’s debt-free in his company and personal life, and on this podcast, he offers advice on the importance of operating lean all year round and 

“Don’t get yourself in a position moving forward where when something like this happens again, because it will, that you’re terrified.”

JC also talks to Texas about navigating employees’ fears, how to make customers comfortable during service calls.

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