Facebook Tips for Home Service Businesses: How to Go Live

Facebook Tips for Home Service Businesses: How to Go Live

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Posted by EJ Brown

April 15, 2020

Going live on Facebook allows you to connect to your customers in really meaningful ways. You can show them what projects you’re working on, introduce them to your team, offer them tips for their home, among other ways to personalize your company.

Facebook reported that Live videos receive

six times the amount of interactions

as regular videos. And remember that after you’ve gone live, they’re still available for your customers to watch and comment on.

In this post, we’ve included step-by-step guides on how to go live and how to do a trial run, as well as tips on how to do it successfully.

How to Do a Trial Run

For lots of pros, where you’ll shine best is in the field, which is why it’s so useful to be able to go live on your phone. Unfortunately, at this time, however, there’s no way to do a

trial run

on your phone. 

In this first section, we’ll show you how to try out a test broadcast from your computer that only you, and other administrators on your Facebook page, can see. Use this broadcast as a way to test out being live in front of a camera and what you’re going to talk about. Facebook automatically saves the recording so you can watch it afterward. 

Here’s how to do a test broadcast.

1. Go to your business’s Facebook page and select “Create Live.”

2. At the bottom of the page, check the box to publish as a test broadcast.

How to Go Live On Your Phone

1. Navigate to your business’s Facebook page and select publish.

2. At the bottom of the new post, select Live Video.

3. Add a description for your video.

4. Tap Start Live Video

5. Tap Finish to end.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Live Broadcast

Before You Go Live

1. Tell your Customers When You’re Going Live

Earlier in the day, create a post letting your customers know you’ll be going live and what you’ll be talking about. This helps spur interest. If you’re going to talk about something educational, let people ask questions beforehand so you know what you should cover.

2. Don’t go Live Without a Good Reason

Wait for a great reason to go live, like showing off a big job or a great educational idea, and make sure it’s entertaining. A good rule of thumb is to not go live unless you’d watch it yourself.

3. Ideal Descriptions Are Catchy and Include a Call-to-Action

People will read the description of your live broadcast to see if it interests them before tuning in. Words like “sneak peek” or “inside scoop” grab people’s interest. Make sure to check your spelling before you go live.

4. Doublecheck All of Your Mechanics

For instance, make sure you’re in a quiet place away from distractions. Make sure you’re filming horizontally so that your picture fills the whole screen. Make sure you have a good connection. Make sure you’re filming with the light on you so that people can see you.

5. Consider Streaming on Both Facebook and Instagram

When you get comfortable with going live, consider doubling your exposure with Instagram. Check out these options for how to

stream live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time


During Your Broadcast

6. Acknowledge your Audience

The point of live videos is that you’re in it with your audience! Be personal and interact with them. Wait for people to tune in before you launch into your topic, and say hello to them as they join you. Encourage them to leave comments and ask questions.

7. Go Live for at Least 10 Minutes

Live feeds are more effective for longer material. In fact, the max is four hours!  While we’re not recommending you try for that, the rule of thumb is to shoot for

at least

ten minutes. People want to tune in and get real value out of the stream, and the longer you’re online, the more discoverable your stream is to your audience.

8. Provide Context Throughout

Remember people will join in the middle and not know what’s going on. A best practice is to remind people throughout what you’re talking about. You can even reintroduce yourself in the middle of your video.

9. Smile

Even if it feels fake, your audience will respond better to a friendly face. Remind yourself to smile. This is where the test broadcast can come in helpful.  If it’s not natural to smile on camera, you can always practice!

10. Be Mindful of Your Filler Words

Words like “umm” and “like,” take up space and can make you seem nervous or less professional. Once again, this is just something to practice. No-one is expecting you to be the perfect speech-giver, but 

11. Give an Actionable Signoff

Leave your audience with something they can do. It doesn’t have to be sales-oriented. If your Facebook Live event is educational, offer a quick tip at the end of something they can easily accomplish or ask them to leave comments on the post. Offer them a discount if they like a share the video, then follow-up via Facebook Messenger.

After You Go Live

12. Respond to Comments

Your live broadcast can be saved and shared on your page. Respond to comments to maximize the reach of the post and keep customers engaged.

13. Watch the Video and See What You Can Do Better

Watching yourself can be uncomfortable, but it’s an opportunity to see what you can improve on, such as what filler words you use, whether you stop smiling, or if people are asking questions that you’re missing.

And overall, remember to have fun! This is a chance to connect with your customers and show off your business, your team, and your expertise. You love what you do, now you have a new way to share your pride and passion with your community.

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