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12 Employee GPS-Tracking Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Team

12 Employee GPS-Tracking Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Team

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Posted by Kindra K.

October 1, 2019

Keep Tabs on Your Team with the Best Employee GPS-Tracking Apps 

Employee GPS tracking can help your business run efficiently. Thanks to modern technology, a basic cell phone makes it easy to know the whereabouts of all your employees. Here's what you need to know about some of the best employee GPS-tracking apps.

Why Your Business Should Consider GPS Tracking Apps

With employee GPS-tracking apps, you can manage your team better. You can perform employee check-ins to see where technicians are and easily adjust their schedules to accommodate emergencies or projects that run overtime. You also can ensure employees stay safe when going to remote locations.

12 Best Employee GPS-Tracking Apps to Consider

House Call Pro

1. Housecall Pro


offers a 14-day free trial, and then a subscription based package that starts at $49 per month.

This app is great for small businesses with its online booking and live-map time card with

. Customers love the ability to pay with credit cards through the app. Employees appreciate the “on my way” texts that make communicating with customers easier.


2. Gleeo


has a 30 day free trial, then a monthly fee of $2.50 for each user.

This easy user interface shows tasks and employee locations. It lets you export employee time and location data into Excel, OpenOffice, and other office management systems. Customers can pay by credit card or through the app, and it is easy to sort projects by priority. The only downside is that it’s only available on Android.


3. Hellotracks


Start using this app for free for the first month, and if you like it, move to the $10 monthly fee per additional user.

lets you check your employees' locations from a desktop or mobile device. This app provides notifications of new tasks and provides directions to worksite areas. It doesn’t accept payments or integrate with project management tools.


4. HoursTracker


You can use this app entirely for free if you want, or pay $6.99 to use the app for more than three employees.

excels at tracking employee time. It lets you set a location and notifies your employees to clock in and out. This app is great for tracking time, earnings, tips, and mileage, and it makes it easy to export data into CSV format. Reviews are mostly positive.


5. Hubstaff


provides a 14-day free trial. The base app is free. To add users, it costs $7 per month.

The GPS-tracking on this app allows you to easily monitor your employees’ whereabouts. Using geofencing technology, employees are automated checked in at locations. It also generates accurate timesheets to connect with payroll software.

Labor Sync

6. Labor Sync


Free for 14 days. If you like it, it costs $10 a month for each employee.

 stands out for having multilingual support and interfaces. It is a solid GPS tracker allowing you to send employees messages about new jobs. It offers real-time reporting. However, it doesn’t integrate with other office management software.


7. myGeoTracking


No free trial is available. It costs $5 a month for each employee.

integrates seamlessly with tools like QuickBooks and create custom reports for operations. It can automate messages and scheduling, and you can easily send GPS-stamped communications. However, some employees dislike the unresponsive messages.

Timesheet Mobile

8. Timesheet Mobile


It offers a 30-day free trial without a credit card. Price starts at $9.25 per month.

notifies you when employees enter and leave a work site location. The interface uses a drag-and-drop method for easy scheduling. You can integrate this app with Xero, Sage, ADP, and FreshBooks.


9. Timr


offers a 30-day free trial, then a subscription plan that is $8.99 per month for each user. No credit card required.

This cloud-based app tracks work hours, project time, and mileage. It provides a single dashboard to complete all administrative tasks. Timr doesn’t integrate with project management software.


10. TrackView


The price starts at $1.99 per user per month.

provides your business with remote location tracking in real-time, a push to-talk feature, and recorded file playback. It connects to your Gmail account, However, some users find that the app doesn’t work properly all the time.


11. TSheets



with its 14-day free trial. Then, the base fee is $16 per company, along with a $4 fee for each monthly user.

TSheets helps you track employees and manage payroll. It encourages employee accountability with GPS tracking. You also can invoice clients and generate reports. It syncs with several accounting software apps.


12. Vismo


Prices vary.

recommends you inquire about pricing directly from them.

Vismo is a versatile GPS tracking tool. You can track employees or company vehicles. The tracker sends alerts as necessary. The complaints about Vismo tend to be software integration and data breach concerns.

These best employee GPS-tracking apps offer several benefits for your business. Try one to help you manage your employees and keep your customers satisfied.

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