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Don Snyder - Walking Through Fire

December 8, 2017 • Here at Housecall Pro we’ve all heard of the man, the myth, and the legend known as Don Snyder, owner of Instadry Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Orlando. Through his humor, kindness, and engagement, he has quickly become one of our favorite Pros. Life Before Instadry Don was “hatched, not born” in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he lived for 22 years before joining the Marine Corps. During his five years in the military, he worked a lot in aviation. After 12 years in this industry, he gained valuable insight that would later help him run a business of his own. He first saw a need to get into the carpet cleaning industry after receiving a horrible experience in his brand new home from what was perceived as a “reputable” company. After one of his friends showed him some new equipment, as well as how to properly clean carpet, Don found his calling. A few years later he started Instadry Carpet and Tile Cleaning. How Does He Do It?! If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that starting your own business is a huge learning process. Luckily, Don is willing to share what he’s already learned with you. His advice for anyone wanting to start their own business is to never be afraid to try something new. Whether it’s using new tools or trying out a new process, he’s found that it’s important to take the risk of something new in order to improve. “Whenever Housecall Pro releases a new feature, you see a lot of users that are afraid to try it, but you can’t see the benefits of it until you do. You have to take the risk and be willing to try new things in order to help your business grow.” Don learned that you can’t be afraid to try new things or to make mistakes. His understanding that mistakes will happen and his ability to acknowledge when they do happen, has allowed him to learn from those mistakes and helped him continue to grow. Happily Ever Housecall When Don first started Instadry he bought only one pack of carbon copy invoices, costing him $30. We won’t say what his response to that price was, but he wasn’t happy. During this time, Quickbooks Online was becoming popular, so he signed up and started trying out a few different CRMs. After a year of spending his free time frustrated, trying to build out a system to run his business, he went searching for the QBO-sponsored apps. That’s when he found Housecall Pro. He immediately dropped the program that he just spent a year and a half struggling to implement and gave Housecall a shot. All because he saw that we’re continuously growing and adapting in the eye of the pros. Customer Experience Once Don saw that as his customer’s satisfaction had increased, he noticed that his business did too. He eventually changed his mission statement to reflect the importance of the customer experience: “To be THE TRUSTED service provider by turning every customer into a lifelong client!” When it comes to making sure you’re giving top-notch customer service, Don says he constantly looks for an opportunity to shake a hand. While it seems ironic, he told us that technology has actually brought him closer to his customers, allowing him to shake more hands and have a smoother, more convenient conversation. The Art of Multitasking In the end, what it comes down to is staying organized while handling everything at once. Don’s biggest success is handling a dynamic operation with ease. Now he can execute on thirty different tasks and still stay organized. “Just this morning I experienced this issue. Everyone in the field was slammed and I’m getting phone calls left and right. I had two appointments scheduled with two awesome clients and had to go to a hotel to do an offsite quote. On my way there I ended up stuck in traffic with more calls coming in. We had someone who needed to change their appointment from later that week to this afternoon. By pulling up the app, I saw that someone contacted one of the techs and postponed the afternoon appointment so we could accommodate the other person’s needs. The customer was so impressed that she added more work to her service. The technician was also excited that their day was still full. Everyone in the office was excited about the freedom and flexibility the software gives to our operation.” It’s Don’s employees that drive his ambition. He’s found that one of the hardest parts of owning your own business is carrying the responsibility to be successful for more than just yourself. His employees rely on him to keep the business running smoothly in order to do their jobs. It’s important for him to know what’s going on at all times in order to set his employees up for success. The Community Don isn’t just a well-known customer at our office, he’s also a huge part of the Housecall community on Facebook. He’s always chiming in on the Pros group to give advice, solve problems, or make everyone laugh. “I’ve been connected to a lot of other great pros from around the country, through the group. That kind of connection works because they’re not your local competitors that you’re swapping ideas with, so you’re not afraid to share your advice and learn from each other. Plus, there’s a community that follows behind it. Field services are field services and we all have to have the same attitude and focus when it comes to our customers.” Don Snyder is more than just a great customer, he’s also a great friend and business owner. If you would like to learn more about how Don runs his business click here.

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

Don at carpet & tile cleaning

Q&A With Ron Legacy

August 17, 2017 • We had a chance to sit down and speak with one of Housecall Pro’s power users, Ron Legacy. He shared stories about his success with social media and how it has been so important to driving more business. Ron started a carpet cleaning business called Legacy Services Carpet Cleaning in 2010. Since then, he’s has built up a large and engaging customer base that has helped him succeed as a small business owner mainly through the use of social media. Matt  How did you decide to use social media for your small business? Ron Actually, it was my daughter who started me on Myspace, then I opened a Facebook account in 2010. This was the same year I started Legacy Services Carpet cleaning. My intent was to make friends and hopefully help others going through similar situations. When I started Legacy I was actually living in the back of a truck, brokenhearted with only a dream of building this carpet cleaning company. I honestly had no idea how successful it would become when I began.  Matt What’s your favorite social media channel to use? Ron They all have their own benefits and the algorithm changes quite frequently. I would have to say the top 2 are Facebook and Instagram for building new business. Matt What has proven to be the most successful channel? Why do you think that is? Ron Facebook allows you the opportunity to create virtual relationships that feel real. Customers love to buy and recommend people that they know and trust. Matt You have 14k likes on your business’s Facebook page. How did you grow it into such a large following? Ron 2 words...Daily marketing. It has taken over 7 years of creating content daily to build the page over 14k followers. But just like building a house, you first start with a solid foundation then build up from there. Matt How do you decide to post the content you do? Ron Daily content is important but context is king. I pay attention to what the hot topic of the day is and my team creates content based on what we believe will give us the best chance of going viral. After the post has picked up momentum, then we pay Facebook to reach more people in our demographic. Matt How many jobs per month do you win from social media? Ron All of our new customers come from social media. We then use HCP to set them up on a regular cleaning schedule. Min we book is 8-10 jobs per day. During the summer months, we have booked over 30 in a day. Matt What’s the one thing you would warn people to be careful of when fully getting started? Ron We do a ton of Live broadcasts, so make sure you’re prepared before you push the “go live” button. We use the 5 P formula (Proper preparation prevents poor performance). We also rehearse weekly in-house with our team to help capture the best content for advertising. Matt Do you mainly use video or pictures when posting? Do you utilize facebook live to better interact with your customers? Ron Yes, we have a ton of live content and mix it up daily as well. We try to post at least 3 times a day and then interact with our potential customers. Matt What are the top 3 things you would recommend to someone who is looking to get started? Ron Social media can either help your business grow rapidly or destroy your reputation. You have no control over the reviews people will leave, but you do have control of how you respond. Make sure you have someone logged in at all times ready to put out any fires.   Be real. If you’re fake, people will see through it. Remember, people do business with companies they like and trust. Every single customer you visit has the potential to reach hundreds more for you. The best marketing I have discovered thus far is word of mouth. If you see your mom or relative raving about an experience they have had with a particular company, you’re way more likely to use that company. This should probably be the #1 rule. Never post anything you wouldn’t want your pastor, priest, or mom to read. Keep it clean and encouraging. Once again if people like you they will be more apt to use your service. (I added one) Post daily! In our fast-paced social media world, out of sight means out of mind. Do you remember what you read on FB yesterday? Matt Well, Ron, it was such a pleasure talking to you today. You have given our audience quite the insight into how to succeed with social media and why it’s so important and pivotal to your business. Keep up the amazing work. Ron Great talking to you Matt. I am glad I could be of assistance. You guys keep up the amazing work over at HCP. I tell all my fellow carpet cleaning colleagues that you guys are the only way to go. Matt If you haven’t already, go check out Ron’s Facebook Business Page, his personal Facebook Page, and his Instagram. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to learn about social media.

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator