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Payments Updates

October 11, 2015 • Payment Time Stamp Even if you just started using HouseCall Pro, you can now send marketing campaigns to past customers by making a mark of the last time you received payment from them.  Adding a Historical Job To time stamp past payments, you'll have to add historical jobs into the system. Keep reading to learn how. Payment Time Stamp You can now time stamp all non-credit card payments received, allowing you to completely input your job history. This feature is very helpful if you want email and postcard reminder and thank you campaigns to launch for customers who booked jobs prior to your HouseCall Pro account creation. Once you have entered historical jobs, your email and post card campaign rules will transfer to those accounts retroactively. The next section of the newsletter will show you a step-by-step breakdown of how you would add a historical job to your account. Adding a Historical Job The first step in adding a historical job is to select the '+ New Job' button found in the top right corner of your HouseCall Pro web portal. Next, you will need to schedule when the job took place. You can do this by clicking on the 'Schedule' node on the left side of the main job screen. The calendar screen will pop up allowing you to jump through dates and times. Here, you can select when the job was started. This is optional, but can come in handy if you want to keep track of job duration based on services you offer. Similar to 'Start Job,' 'Finish Job' lets you time stamp when the job was officially closed out. This will give you a better understanding of work-flows. When you select the 'Payment' button, you will be prompted to enter payment type. Please not that you can't change time stamps on credit card payments. For all other payment options (check, cash, etc.), you can close out payment and then change the payment date. Once you have selected your payment method and close out the charge, you can scroll down the main job screen to change the transaction date and time. By clicking on the current date and time in the 'Payment History' section of the job screen, a new window will pop up allowing you to change the transaction details.  The job will now appear on your 'job list' with all updated data and your customers will now be placed in cue for upcoming reminder emails/postcards based on when the job was closed out. Customers will only receive communications that they qualify for in the future, and will not receive notifications for email/postcard rules that have already been met based on the job close date. For instance, if a job that occurred eight months ago is entered and you have a nine month follow-up service reminder, they will receive that reminder when they hit that nine month mark. However, they will not receive the six month reminder email you have set up because they have already passed that benchmark date based on the job close date. 

Matt B., Marketing Coordinator

Adding a historical job in Housecall Pro

Job and Customer Notifications Updates

September 27, 2015 • Estimate and Job Quick Add from Customer Screen Now on the app you can create an estimate or job from the customer details screen. We added this functionality to make using the app even more intuitive and convenient for you. Enhanced Customer Text and Email Capabilities and Customer Notes You can also now communicate with customers just by tapping blue icons on the customer details screen. Email, call, or text them straight from the app. Add or Create Customer Tags, Set Billing Address, and Create Address Notes But wait.. there's more! You can also add tags and notes to your customers right in the app. No computer needed. Customer Notifications Bonus feature: You can now turn off customer notifications for specific customers. Stop sending notifications and marketing campaigns to that one customer... Estimate and Job Quick Add from Customer Screen You can now create estimates and jobs from the customer details screen on your iPhone or Android. To access this feature, simply select a customer from your list and find the blue tape measurer icon to create an estimate or the blue job icon to create a new job for that customer. Remember that you can now convert an estimate to a job through your mobile device!  Once you select the estimate or job icon, you will be directed to a screen where the customer information is already pre-filled out. This will save you time when creating jobs and estimates.  Enhanced Customer Text and Email Capabilities and Customer Notes On the brand new fully-loaded customer screen, you will notice several blue icons on the right-hand side. These features allow you to communicate with your customer in a more efficient way. If you want to text your customer, simply click any of the speech bubble icons and a text screen will appear. If you want to email your customer, just click on the envelope icon to open up an email addressed to that customer. You can now also see the type of phone number assigned to your customers (mobile, home, etc.) and all of the tags associated with that customer.  Additionally, any customer company information stored will appear on the customer info screen. This includes company name, title, and phone number. You will also be able to access and edit customer notes at the bottom of the screen (**remember that customer notes are not visible to your customer**).   Add or Create Customer Tags, Set Billing Address, and Create Address Notes Customer tags are a great way to segment your database so that you can communicate with he right individuals at the right time with the right content. Now you can create and add customer tags on the customer quick-add screen. To add a tag, press the '+ Tags' button and select from your existing tags, or simply write in a new tag and press the back arrow button at the top left corner of the screen. The added tag will now appear as a green bubble under the 'Tags' section.  When you are entering your customer address/addresses, you can now switch the billing address toggle on or off. This is particularly helpful when you have customers with multiple addresses and need to be able to sort out the billing from the service locations. Also, address notes are now available so you can make location-specific reminders, instructions, and observations.  Customer Notifications You now have the ability to enable/disable customer notifications on a case-by-case basis. After setting your default notification rule, you can toggle notification options on/off on a customer-by-customer basis. This gives you ultimate control over how you communicate with your customers during the job process both on your mobile device or on the web portal. 

Ian H., CEO

Estimate and job quick add from customer screen on Housecall Pro