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Everything you need to succeed as a Home Services company in a digital world.

Feature Focus: Text Messages

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

March 8, 2019

Feature Focus - Text Messages

This weeks Feature Focus is about at how you can optimize your custom text messages to build a more personalized experience for your customers.

Housecall Pro announces February 2019 Superpros

Alexa Greenberg

Posted by Alexa Greenberg

March 8, 2019

Superpro badge plain Level1

SAN DIEGO, March 8, 2019 - Housecall Pro, the #1 rated app for home service companies, has announced the February cohort of Superpros.  This program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest quality local home service companies. The Superpro community includes the best Pros in each industry across the country, allowing for a unique opportunity to connect with equal caliber service professionals. Every month, we award this status to Housecall Pros dedicated to providing their customers with a transparent, modern, and online experience from day one, establishing a strong relationship for years to come. At this time, only 5% of Housecall Pro users are awarded with Superpro status. The Superpro Program was relaunched in the beginning of this year with a new application and stricter eligibility requirements. These requirements include offering a seamless online booking experience for customers on both website and Facebook pages, detailed and personable pictures and descriptions for all services to further facilitate an easy and customer-friendly booking experience, an average of 4.5 star reviews across all platforms , and high-account usage. We do a detailed audit of the Pro’s account to ensure they have met all requirements. Once they have been approved for Superpro status, we require the Pro to sign the Superpro Code of Ethics. This Superpro Codes of Ethics is signed by the company promising elite professionalism, quick response times to both customers and other Pros, and overall responsibilities as a Superpro in the home service community. Together, Superpros are dedicated to bringing trust and value back into the trades.

Best HVAC Tools For Every Tech In 2019

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

March 5, 2019

Pile of HVAC tools

Are you new to HVAC? Or maybe you have been around the block once or twice and just want see how the industry has evolved. Either way, here are the top HVAC tools every professional needs.

Calculating Your Break Even Point In 4 Easy Steps

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

March 2, 2019

Calculator and paper calculating a break even point

Need to know when your business starts to become profitable? Have a look at how to calculate you business' break even point in just simple steps.

Now Available: My Money Updates (Beta Version)

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

March 1, 2019

Newsletter graphic

In case you missed it, we just released a bunch of updates to the ‘My money’ page. The beta version is live now, so go give it a look and let us know what you think. The goal was to make it easier to do several things related to your money - like easily know when you’ll be seeing your next deposit to your bank, how big that deposit will be, and some updates to make it easier to choose when you’d like to use instapay. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that there’s a lot more information to read, quickly. You can now see how much to expect will deposit today, how much will deposit soon, and how much is in transit to your bank. Pending transactions and payouts have been split out into two different tables to make that even clearer. Bank account, debit card, and identity verification settings have all been moved to behind the gear icon in the top right of the page, to make room for a lot of new features that we’ll announce soon. The first of these? There’s now a place for you to fill out a form to put your name in to be part of the beta test for our card readers . They’re $59 each, allow you accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and chip-enabled cards, all at the low rate of 2.69%. Go give it a look .

Clover vs. Square - Choosing The Best Payment Platform

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

February 28, 2019

Clover vs. Square logos

Square or Clover, which is the best payment platform for your business? Compare rates, experiences and more to find the right solution for your company.

9 HVAC Marketing Strategies That Can't Fail

Emily Bauer

Posted by Emily Bauer

February 27, 2019

Need to cut to the chase and find some marketing strategies that actually work for your HVAC business? Here are 9 ways to approach your marketing that will get you more business.

Coming Soon: New invoice workflow

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

February 24, 2019


In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a series of updates to the mobile apps to make room for new features, like viewing and adding segments from the app. One of the first changes you’ll see is a new flow for previewing & sending an invoice , as well as an updated job details page on both iOS and Android. Current flow:

11 Plumbing Blogs Causing A Splash In The Industry

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

February 22, 2019

Plumbing blogs causing a splash

Having trouble identifying how to connect with your customers? Here are 11 of the best plumbing blogs that are doing it right! If you're not following these blogs, you are losing.

Battling Unpaid Invoices - 7 Ways To Get Paid Fast!

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

February 20, 2019

Two men battling over unpaid invoices

Sick of waiting around to get paid for all those unpaid invoices? Check out our 7 ways to deal with unpaid invoices and get money in your pocket, fast.