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Everything you need to succeed as a Home Services company in a digital world.

9 Sites Like TaskRabbit That Will Help You Get More Business

Jarrod Miller-Dean

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean, SEO Content Coordinator

August 9, 2019

TaskRabbit | 9 TaskRabbit Competitor Apps That You Need to Know

Your time is important. TaskRabbit will help you find new leads, organize jobs and advertise your business while on the go. Check out 9 TaskRabbit competitors that are streamlining homes services industry, all from the palm of your hand.

How Much Does A Pest Control Technician Make: Full 2019 Data [Infographic]

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 8, 2019

pest control salary

We analyzed thousands of posted jobs openings to determine the average salary for pest control technicians in every state, as well as the number of jobs over $55,000.

Plumbing Website Templates: A Guide to Building Your Business Website

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 7, 2019

plumbing website hero

Learn the process of building a site using a template, places to find them, and what to look for when choosing the right template.

How to Become A Home Warranty Contractor?

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 6, 2019

Home Warranty Contractor hero

Full explanation of the ins and outs of becoming a home warranty contractor and how it could benefit you as trade service professional.

Electrician Marketing Strategies: 22 Proven Ways to Get More Customers


Posted by Paul

August 5, 2019

Electrician Marketing Strategies

Marketing may not be in the average electrician’s wheelhouse. But with these 22 tips, you’ll learn creative ways to market your business and be reeling in new customers in no time.

7 Best Credit Card Readers for Small Business

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 5, 2019

Credit Card Readers for Small Business | Hero

To stay competitive in today’s small business marketplace, you need to accept credit card payments whenever and however your customers want to use them. Let’s look at the evolution of today’s credit card readers and which ones you should consider.

Case Study: How a Cleaning Company Grew their Revenue by 1000% in 3 Months with Housecall Pro

EJ Brown

Posted by EJ Brown

August 2, 2019

Grow your cleaning business

Learn how a cleaning company differentiated itself from competitors and utilized Housecall Pro features to grow revenue by 1000%.

The 25 Best HVAC Apps for Every HVAC Technician

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 2, 2019

Man holding phone with hvac app

These are the best HVAC learning, troubleshooting, load calculation and business apps to help both amateurs and pros.

Pest Control Technicians Looking For Work – Top Companies In 2019

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

August 1, 2019

pest control companies

We combed through thousands of job postings on Indeed to determine which companies are hiring the most pest control techs in 2019. We also evaluated the overall ratings of those companies, as well as individual reviews.

Plumbing Proposals Made Simple: A Top-Down Strategy for Creating Winning Quote

Kindra K.

Posted by Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

July 31, 2019

plumbing proposal

Learn how to build a strategic plumbing proposal template that you can use over and over again. Key tips for crafting each section of the proposal to help you build confidence with the customer, present the right information and get a “yes” more quickly.