Co-owner of Service Detectives

Jason Shadowen

Company: Service Detectives | In Business since: 1968 | 5-Star Reviews: Over 200 | Housecall Pro user since: 2016 | Accolades: Superpro status for 2 years

What does Jason have to say?

"One of the best things about Housecall Pro is how much easier it is to communicate with customers... When I'm on my way I click that <a href="">confirmation button

</a> letting them know that I'm on my way, and they get that first text, I hear that so much that 'wow I really appreciate that communication' and 'your communication is so awesome. That really set's us above our competition." - Jason Shadowen (Co-owner of

Service Detectives


Jason's Interview

How was Service Detectives so successful?

Why did you pick Housecall Pro?

The first thing that comes to mind is price. When

Service Detectives

was first looking for a software to sign up with we were really impressed by the price. We actually went to Service Titan for a few months and that was an expensive nightmare that led us back to Housecall Pro.

How did your business change when you implemented Housecall Pro completely?

Communication would be the number one thing that changed. We had pretty good communication already, but the simple email, texting, automatic invoices and just bringing

that whole process

together helped us give a customer experience that our customers are always telling us they love.

What’s one thing you know now after using Housecall Pro, that you wish you would have implemented if you were a new pro just getting started?

I would say relying on the strengths of other Housecall Pro community members. There are so many other users that have already been there and done that and allow you to lean on them as a resource. Actually being able to be a part of the

Superpro community

, Facebook groups, and going to


was a great opportunity for us to network and exchange phone numbers with some great individuals that can help you better run your business.