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What Is Electrical Contractor Software?

Electrical contractor software is designed for electrical contractors and businesses to manage payments, automate marketing and referrals, create calendar schedules for technicians, create advanced reporting, and more. Electrical Contractor software helps your business achieve more efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and better communication from inside the office to out in the field.


“The biggest benefit of Housecall Pro is it's taken my company to a professional level." -

Mike Parks, Electric Medics

Questions About Our Software?

Can Techs Use Your Software On The Job?

Yes, technicians can access the software anywhere using a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. The software allows easy management of technicians in the office, but also easy access to boost efficiency out in the field. Technicians can create




, and receipts out in the field for better customer experience, and the same information can be seen from administrators in the office.

Do You Have GPS Capabilities?

Yes, the software has

GPS tracking features

along with real-time dispatching to keep the office administrator and assigned technician connected. With GPS tracking, you will have access to locating your electrical technicians with a clear map view.

Is Your Software Free?

The software comes with a

14-day free trial

that can be initiated anytime. This way, you are able to test the features you need to manage and facilitate the daily functions of your electrical business. After the free trial, our software will have a monthly fee starting at as low as $49 a month, with intuitive features tailored to your business needs.

Does Your Software Offer Inventory Management?

The software does not currently offer inventory management features, but our software is constantly adding new features to ensure the daily operations of your electrical business is as simple as it can get. 

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