The Card That Puts You in Control

HCP Expense Cards are designed for anyone in your business to pay work-related expenses like fuel, inventory, materials, repairs, and more. As a business owner, you’ll have full visibility and control over every transaction from within your HCP account.

Set your own rules

  • Give every employee and tech their own card 

  • Set individual spending limits: per transaction, daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Immediately cancel or freeze lost or stolen cards

Bypass the bank

  • Use funds paid by your customers for completed jobs to make business purchases with your Expense Card

  • Use credit card payouts to add funds to your account and access your money faster 

  • Transfer money and pay business bills online using your Expense Cards

Get full visibility

  • Keep track of your team's spending with real-time alerts

  • Seamlessly sync transactions with QuickBooks Online

  • View transaction history within your HCP account

Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost to sign up for the Housecall Pro Expense Card?


What is the Housecall Pro Expense Card monthly fee?

$0. We don't charge early access users any monthly fee.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No, there is no commitment. You can close the Expense Card account at any time. 

How much does a physical card cost?

$0. Card orders are free of charge. 

What is the charge to order a replacement card?

$0. Replacement cards are free of charge.

What is the maximum number of cardholders?

There is no limit. You can order as many cards as you need for your employees.

What is the charge for Quickbooks Online integration?

$0. Quickbooks Online integration is offered free of charge.

What is the charge for spend controls & real time alerts?

$0. Individual spend controls & real time alerts are free of charge.

Are there any additional fees?
  • Cross-border fee: 1.00% of the transaction amount + $0.30, per cross-border transaction. Applied where an authorized user makes a purchase in a country other than the United States.

  • Foreign exchange fee: 1.00% of the transaction amount applied in each instance where funds are converted from one currency to another. This calculation is made on the converted amount.

  • Disputes fee: $25 per disputed transaction if not resolved in Pro’s favor.

  • Inactive financial account fee: $10 per month per inactive financial account. “Inactive financial account” means a financial account that has had no payment activity, or has maintained an average monthly deposit balance of less than $1,000, for 12 consecutive calendar months. We will notify you before your account is subject to this fee so that you can take action prior to being charged.


-Housecall Pro Expense Card is a Visa Commercial Credit Card issued by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC. Money transmission services provided by Stripe Payments Company with funds held by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Member FDIC.

-Expense Card is a financial account and a card designed to offer business owners more control and employees a better way to pay for work-related expenses like fuel, materials, inventory, office supplies, fleet repairs, and more.

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