Housecall Pro is ready for the classroom

We’re providing field service software to trade programs to help train future technicians.


Teaching skills beyond turning the wrench

Housecall Pro was founded in 2013, and we’ve been helping home service professionals thrive ever since. Our goal is to champion Pros with exceptional technology that saves them time, simplifies their work, and helps them grow. It’s our job to help Pros manage every aspect of their businesses—from scheduling, to dispatching, to payments.

By using Housecall Pro in your classroom, you can streamline your class, and teach students the digital tools that over 95,000 technicians use in the field daily.

How Housecall Pro works in class

The simplest way to assign tasks and lab work

Dispatch student tasks as jobs

From your desktop, you can:

  • 'Dispatch' class or lab work to students

  • Upload key dates for the class to view

  • Keep track of everything they're working on

Students complete work like technicians

On a computer or mobile device, students will:

  • Receive the task or lab assignment as a work order

  • Review the line items and complete the work

  • Add images or notes to show their progress

  • Complete the job

Review the work and progress

After the assignment is complete, you can:

  • See which students completed the task(s)

  • View images and notes from during the assignment

  • Assign work based on their feedback


Professionally organized.

"The students really like it. Makes them feel like they’re professional, and makes it organized so everyone has a task for the day."

Michael FlorenceInstructor, Kansas City Kansas Community CollegeKansas City, Kansas


Free for education. Our contribution to the future of the trades.

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