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Customer success stories

A happy customer is the best insurance you have to secure your next job

The art of delighting your customer is where Housecall Pro gives you the ultimate edge

Meet Amber

As a busy homeowner, Amber is looking to book a home service

Follow Amber's experience below to see how Housecall Pro can become your customer delight engine.

Amber's Customer Experience

Online booking

Amber goes onto Yelp to look for someone with good reviews. After calling a couple of other companies, she sees that she can book you online and immediately picks a service and a time


When you get the notification for your new job with Amber you give her a call to confirm. You can quickly see any past jobs you’ve had with her and she’s excited when you ask her about her dog.

Confirmation text/email

When the job has been confirmed, Amber gets a text and an email reminding her of the date and time for the job.

Before job email

The job isn’t for a couple weeks and Amber almost forgets until she receives an email from you reminding her that the appointment is the next day.

OMW (On My Way)

It’s the day of the job and Amber is at home waiting for you to show up. She gets a text letting her know that you’re on the way, giving her peace of mind and more trust in your brand.

SMS chat

Amber realizes she never gave you the gate code to get in, so she sends you a chat directly through the app letting you know it’s #234.


Job finished text

Once you arrive, Amber authorizes the work to be completed by signing off digitally and has to stop by her work. While she’s out, you finish the job and she gets a text letting her know that your work there is done.

Auto invoice

When the job is finished you send Amber a custom branded invoice to her inbox with the push of a button before you even leave the driveway.


Directly from the invoice, she clicks to pay, enters her payment info, and checks your service off her to-do list.


Follow up marketing

A couple weeks after the job Amber gets an email thanking her for her business and asking her for a review. After writing a raving review, she remembers that her friend Caroline was looking for someone to do a similar job recommends you to do it.

Repeat business

Provide your customers with the modern, convenient experience. A truly happy customer is the best way to secure your next job.

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Online booking

Now missing a phone call doesn’t mean missing a job. Let your customers book you online through your website, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Custom SMS

The best way to keep your customers coming back is to keep them in the loop throughout the entire job. Maintain open communication with Custom SMS Notifications.

Schedule & Dispatch

Dynamic drag & drop job scheduling and dispatch features are simple and easy to use. Assign crews, set arrival windows, and enjoy real-time updates when anything changes.

Invoicing & Estimating

Take the hassle out of your invoices and estimates by automating the entire process. Send invoices and collect payments with one click.


Get paid faster by taking cash, check, and credit card payments directly in the app.

Follow up marketing

Provide the ultimate customer service experience with automated email marketing and postcard marketing.

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