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Melissa Clark: I would say we are about 50/50 with good leads. Some people are price shopping or asking random dumb questions...it’s $25 a lead, so when you get those bad ones, it stinks!

Charge you if the persona calls you and talks to our office. All calls are recorded too. I will say we are top-rated in various cities around us, science being Google Guaranteed, business has picked up too! I also like that we have it set for the ad to run only during business hours. 

Cassie Pound: It’s worth every penny. We set our budget to $4,000 a week. We’ve never paid it and I’ve heard it’s not gauded by $$ budget, but I go with it just in case. Lol! 

Cassie Pound: Also, make sure you have someone going to the website after every call and updating the call, name, email, etc. Out Google rep said it’s important for them to see you're in there and still active.

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