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HCP Coach is a coaching program that includes weekly sessions, resources, tools, tips, and trainings carefully crafted by business coaches and industry leaders to help Pros reach their unique goals.

What is HCP Coach?

HCP Coach is all about giving you the tools and personal support you need to take ownership of your business and achieve your goals.

HCP Franchise includes all the core features of Housecall Pro (scheduling, dispatching, point of payment, service plans, marketing and more) plus tools and assets specific to the needs of franchises. Looking for a way to standardize the operations of your franchisees, run aggregated reporting across 50+ locations, or schedule/dispatch into locations across the country? If so, Housecall Pro franchise will be a great solution for you! 

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The Benefits

HCP Coach includes weekly live sessions, resources, tools, tips, and training carefully crafted by business coaches and industry leaders to help Pros reach their unique goals. On average, Pros enrolled in HCP Coach have seen an annualized profitability increase of 23%.

The Stats

Pros who have enrolled already in HCP Coach have seen a 23% annualized profitability increase on average. Plus, for those Pros who are active in the program, 97% report complete satisfaction.


“This was an eye opening experience! Highly recommend for any business looking to be profitable and grow. Tons of invaluable information and a great host.”
Geoff, Dugan Plumbing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HCP Coach cost?

HCP Coach costs $499/month and requires a one year commitment. Pros enrolled in the program are seeing huge increases in average ticket size and profitability in their business from having the personal guidance of a Business Coach as well as the support from a community of non-competitive peers.  We ask for a one-year commitment as many of the strategies and systems we put in place during the program take dedication and commitment.  Are you willing to put in the work to change your business?

What are the benefits of HCP Coach?

Your HCP Coach is here every step of the way to offer resources, hold you accountable, help you create plans, and measure their impact. They'll help you get a clear impact of your company's current performance and guide you through the financial details and metrics.

Access a suite of tools designed and built by industry veterans, such as:

  • Calculators adapted to your specific business needs

    • Benchmarking tools that show you how your business is performing compared to similar organizations in your trade

    • Resources and templates that you can download for immediate use

  • Access to a private community of non-competitive peers from the same trade with similar goals

How long does HCP Coach last?

HCP Coach is not a single "course" and provides continual support to you and your business.  To support this continued improvement, the first 12 weeks are dedicated to learning core business principles that will help you grow.  From there we will meet weekly with our accountability groups to apply those learnings to your business, making small improvements each week which will have big results.  

I'm not a current HCP Customer, can I join the HCP Coach program?

Yes! Our mission is to support all Pros in reaching their business and personal goals, so we want to help you as well.  Our coaching tools are designed to capture key business metrics from the HCP product, and many of the strategies we coach towards are easier to implement through the HCP software. but if you are not a current subscriber you can enter all data manually into the tools and still get great value. 

What do I do if I want to learn more?

We are continuously starting new coaching groups, and want you to be a part of our next one! Schedule a 15-minute call with a member of the HCP Coach team for next steps on joining the program!


Your experience in the program may be different. For more information see our Terms of Service for the HCP Coach program.

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