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How to Use Sticker Advertising to Win More Leads?

How to Use Sticker Advertising to Win More Leads?

How to Use Sticker Advertising to Win More Leads?

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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How Do You Win The Sticker War?

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Do You Place Stickers On Your Customers Equipment?

Water heaters, A/C and furnace units, and even garbage disposals are great opportunities for advertising. If you are not already placing your branded stickers with a phone number, you might be missing out. What do you do when you find a competitor’s sticker? 

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Some of our members will go as far as to remove competitor stickers and recommend keeping handy “goo be gone” on their truck for easy cleanup. 

Depending on the size of other stickers, you can also cover others up with ease.

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Do You Ask For Customer Permission First?

When you are installing equipment as part of your service, it is likely understood that you can place your own labels on supplied systems. However, if you are putting anything permanent on your customers’ property, you should probably ask first.

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When you do mention placing your sticker on their equipment, it is best to provide a reason or incentive. Just as our member points out, lead them into the discussion by telling them it will be handy if they run into issues and need your number. You can also add incentives on your stickers, such as discounts. 

What Should You Put On Your Marketing Stickers?

The purpose of placing stickers onto equipment is to remind customers to call your company and keep you top of mind. You should make sure your company name, logo, and phone number are the most prominent aspects. 

You can then offer discounts and incentives for calling you back or include a service specific warranty.

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Some members will also place additional service record logs, and even void warranties if the sticker is removed. 

Final Thoughts 

While larger stickers are not necessarily the answer, and you can’t always remove competitor stickers, you want to leave behind your company information at every job. Stickers are a great way of reminding customers to call you for water heater failures, A/C & furnace issues, but you can always leave business cards, magnets, and even pens or coffee mugs as well. 

Just make sure to impress your customers with a job well done and a great customer experience.

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