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Recurring Service Agreements - Why They Are Your Answer To Business Success

Recurring Service Agreements - Why They Are Your Answer To Business Success

Recurring Service Agreements - Why They Are Your Answer To Business Success

Posted by Tony Gee

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Plumbing business owners, have you ever considered using a subscription-based plumbing home saving plan? Learn how to train your plumbers to sell recurring service agreements to get you more business every year.

Recurring service plans creates customer loyalty while offering them a form of incentive (such as discount or service priority) and keeps your phone ringing all year long, even during slow seasons.

For example, if you are out on a plumbing job to inspect a sewer line, and the job comes to an estimate of $5,000. You can offer your customer a home saving plan for $132 per year and they will have service priority and business discount in return.

What you want to show the customer is the cost of the recurring service plan versus the amount they save. Be sure to put this on paper because people are visual:

$5,000 job - 10% discount = $500 savings.

The recurring service agreement is $132, but they are really saving $500. This will make a no-brainer signup for the customers.

Signing customers up for a recurring service agreement creates loyal customers that will only choose your service instead of your that of your competitor’s.

Learn how you can build recurring service plans through Housecall Pro and generate recurring revenue all year long and build long lasting customer relationships.

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