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Do I Need QuickBooks to Run My Home Service Company?

Do I Need QuickBooks to Run My Home Service Company?

Do I Need QuickBooks to Run My Home Service Company?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

Housecall Pro

Uploaded 30 days ago

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Do I Need QuickBooks to Run My Home Service Company? 

If you are not using Quickbooks as part of your home service company and find it hard to stay on top of billing, payroll, and inventory, you may wonder if it is time to invest in QuickBooks to help you streamline all of your financial and get organized. 

What Do Our Members Have To Say?

The consensus seems to be that QuickBooks will be a significant game changer to getting all of your company’s finances in order and help protect you financially.

Jamie Mejia
July 31 at 3:45 PM

Been running my plumbing business for 3 years without using QuickBooks. As we are growing, I think that we need it to stay organized. Who can help me? What should I do?

Joni Scelfco Dwyer: Hi Jamie! Yes, it will help significantly. You'll want to signup and set it up connecting your bank in the process. Have you already looked into the different plan options? Do you have employees that you pay? 

Jamie Mejia: Yes, I have 1 tech. Hopefully, I'll have another as soon as I find a dependable guy and a helper. 

Jino Scelfo Dwyer: Is your tech 1009 or W2? 

Jamie Mejia: W2 can't 1009. He drives my van.

Is QuickBooks Easy To Use? 

QuickBooks is a complex software, but they offer full demonstrations of the product, training, and it can be easily connected to Housecall Pro. Our members who use QuickBooks recommend trying it out with their free and basic trial version, learning the system by using it for expenses, and then slowly adding on more services, such as payroll.

Joni Scelfo Dwyer: I recommend signing up for the free trial of the most basic option. Learn to connect it to HCP. Connect it to your bank and organize your expertise. Once you have that down you, may choose to add payroll at a later time.

Do I Still Need An Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Likely, you will still want to retain the services of a CPA, and an accountant or bookkeeper. QuickBooks will, however, assist with these services. A CPA will protect you with all of your taxes and liabilities, while an in house (or outsourced) bookkeeper and accountant can help keep you organized year round.

Zelena Cortez-Brown: We run a plumbing company too and started using QB Online to maintain and reconcile transactions, and accounts. 

Zelena Cortex-Brow: Jamie Mejia Yes, QBO will be helpful to your CPA.

Chelsey Wood: Jamie Mejia Mike did a podcast not long ago, speaking of the difference between a CPA and a booker, and how much value they each have. So, yes, while your CPA can do a majority of the numbers, your bookkeepers are the real game. Changes ensuring that all the numbers are in the correct places, getting a bigger bang for your buck. Shayna Shadowen: Hello Jamie! I'll send you a message!

Shayna Shadowen: I highly recommend that you take HCP up on the great first-year of QBO. 

I can help you once you get it. I an either set it up for you or help guide you. If you are wanting to do your bookkeeping, I offer training sessions, or if you need someone to manage it, we can do that also.

Is There A Special Housecall Pro QuickBooks Offer?

Yes! HCP knows how much QuickBooks can help your business, so we can offer you a special introductory price for the first year. It is a great opportunity to test out the software and determine if it is a good fit for your company. Housecall Pro also integrates with QuickBooks Online to save you time from double-entry.

Final Thoughts

While you may not “need” QuickBooks to succeed, once you try it out, you might just discover that it makes your life a lot easier. It can help inform your business decisions and ensure you always know what is happening with your profits and losses, expenses, payroll and crucial information that will help you scale and grow your company.


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