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Does Your Plumbing Business Need A Mobile APP?

Does Your Plumbing Business Need A Mobile APP?

Does Your Plumbing Business Need A Mobile APP?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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Does Your Plumbing Business Need A Mobile APP?

As technology advances, consumers have come to expect instant responses, fast services, and convenience from all businesses — it’s not just for shopping and ride sharing any more. But, are mobile apps right for the home service and plumbing industries? Home service companies are unique in that the majority of services are need based, so will an app help to meet emergency needs?  

While there are differing opinions, one thing is clear — the purpose of the app is crucial. 

Why Build And Promote A Mobile App Now?

With any new technology or business strategy, there has to be a purpose. Convenience in scheduling for homeowners has already been answered with online booking platforms, such as Housecall Pro offers, and booking online is easy through an actual company website. So why would anyone need an app, when you can achieve the same results directly with the website? 

Cathleen Creaser Marsh Diego Garcia Why? Websites are mobile optimized? I Have current customers booking on my website. What is the app's advantage? It takes up valuable space on a phone? 

Diego Garcia: My generation will prefer booking from an app than a “website” that is mobile-optimized any day of the week. It’s quicker, more efficient, you’re able to see how day your tech is ways from arriving, etc. Again, I don’t think it is going to do anything for the current market when the homeowner age is 50 and over, but I think it will work well with younger homeowners as they continue to become clients and if you have established that you are their go-to service provider.

Diego Garcia: My point exactly, you prefer mobile web and I don’t. People are using Uber, Uber Eats, Shipt (groceries delivered to your home), etc. Online pick-up and Amazon deliveries and (home services) next day...etc. As time passes we’ll want and expect things to become faster and more optimized than they currently are. That’s just society we like in. We don’t have a choice in businesses evolve or die. 

Ex: Sears, K-mart, Blockbuster, Montgomery Ward, H.H. Gregg, Kodak. This is not a knock on older people. I am well on my way. Lol! Just saying my 2 cents. 

Freddy Leyva: It’s really simple, just try it! But as a recommendation on the app, it didn’t work for me. The industry isn’t ready yet. So I won't throw aways money until it takes off.

Though opinions differ on who might use the mobile app, it is unfair to limit the need, or even desire, to a generational argument, however. Mobile app usage is about context and meeting a need. Plumbing is an on demand service, and the question is will users turn to an app when they are experiencing a flood or other plumbing emergency? Maybe. But it will take an investment in delivering something truly unique and solving a customer pain point to be successful.  

Cathleen Creaser Marsh: He’s electrical. Plumbing and heating might be different. When there is a water emergency, people can’t wait. It's not an Uber….

Diego Garcia: Cathleen Creaser Marsh: Electrical is the same as plumbing and heating. It’s an on-demand service. 

Marvin Allsup: I’m 35, I started looking through my phone and realized that I have an app on my phone for just about every service company that I use. They are larger companies and not small businesses. 

When I use the app, I’m logged into my account (customer portal) so I can review my account history. 

Push notifications that I can just swipe away versus text and emails. 

Also, I don’t use any of these as a consumer. However, Handy, Task Rabbit, Thumbtack, Takl, etc. all have apps.

Mobile apps for plumbers will need to be worth the space they take up on the phone by providing fast solutions, especially in emergency situations. They can be successful when they provide accurate tracking, convenient scheduling and follow up, as well as offers and personalized services. 

While plumbing companies may not need a mobile app to survive in a highly competitive market, it may only be a matter of time before customers expect the benefits a mobile app can provide: immediate answers, scheduling, technician tracking, payment and more all without picking up the phone!  

Final Thoughts

Having a mobile app may be worth the investment now as part of an overall business strategy. As companies build out services offered and add convenience, it may not be the biggest generator of digital revenue, but it will put them ahead of the curve as consumer behavior continues to shift towards a digital world. Provide an easy way to download and use the app, as well as incentives like technician tracking and special offers to keep customers engaged for a truly successful result. 

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