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Direct Mail vs. Email Campaign, Which Works For Your Plumbing Business?

Direct Mail vs. Email Campaign, Which Works For Your Plumbing Business?

Direct Mail vs. Email Campaign, Which Works For Your Plumbing Business?

Posted by Tony Gee

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Direct mail or email follow-ups, whether it is reaching customers online or through printed paper, which marketing strategy works better for your plumbing business?

One thing about postcards marketing is that they work great with an older customer age group that are typically not used to using email and other online technology. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who would prefer reading from papers instead of online materials. This is the audience your plumbing business will be capturing when sending out postcards or other forms of direct mail marketing.

Direct marketing is efficient because sending out emails is only one click away. Even better, you can send out mass email to different groups of customers at one time through email automation. Automated digital marketing reduces stress and manpower, saving Plumbing business owners a lot of time, effort and money.

In the end, you should take advantage of both direct mail AND digital marketing instead of choosing one or the other to capture all the target audience groups out there.

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