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What’s the Difference Between Google’s Local Business Services?

What’s the Difference Between Google’s Local Business Services?

What’s the Difference Between Google’s Local Business Services?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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What’s the Difference Between Google’s Local Business Services?

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What is Google Local Services? 

Google Local Service Ads connects business with customers that are searching for local businesses and services. Essentially it’s a lead generation tool. Homes services professionals set budgets based on the desired number of customers each week and only pay when contacted by a customer (through the Google paid ad). Leads can cost an estimated $5-139, but the price varies based on the local market and vertical (industry). 

Google offers a suite of services that work in conjunction with local service ads including Google Guaranteed Program, Google My Business and Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) that will increase your online presence, help you find leads, and book more jobs. 

Travis Teague: Ha, ha! Apparently I’m not the only person confused by Google. 

Oscar E. Gomez: No need to pay anyone for Google Local Service/LSA/Google Guarantee Certification. SImple application.

Here in my city, Arch lead runs about $15 each. You can’t beat that. 

You’re in control. 

All calls go directly to you. 

You set up your weekly budget. 
You set up your own targeted cities or zip codes. 

You can turn the on/off as you please. 

And yes, it helps your rankings.

What is the Google Guaranteed Program? 

When you go to the main page on Google you’ve probably seen several ads with green checkboxes in them. These local businesses are apart of the Google Guaranteed Program. Originally launched as a beta advertising program for plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, HVAC technicians, and garage door specialists; it has since expanded to select cities throughout the United States.  


Applicants must pass Google’s pre-screening background check and qualification process, via Google Local Services. All candidates must be licensed trade professionals in their state. Google looks at numerous factors during the pre-screening process including licenses and accreditations, online reviews (positive and negative), and response time.  

How Does Google Guaranteed Work? 

The goal of the ads is to attract clicks from local searchers, looking to hire home services businesses.  Advertisers are only charged based on the leads. If a customer is not satisfied with the work completed (the service must have been booked through Google Local Services), Google covers the invoice amount up to $2,000 (the US and CAN). The Google Guaranteed Program doesn’t cover add-on services (while on the job), future projects, property damage, dissatisfaction with price, provider responsiveness, or cancelations. 

Beresford Samuel: Local Service Ads (LSA) are still in Beta I believe (if you run LSA you have to be certified Google, and you get the Google Guaranteed Badge). They are totally different from Adwords. I can help you get certified if you like. I’m affordable, but no cheap. 

With LSA, you pay for a lead you interact with. In other words, if they call you and you talk to them or they leave a voicemail, yuo will get charged for the lead. It is better than other pay by lead services, but you have to be careful how you set up your horse and how quickly you respond or you can end up being charged for a lead that you didn’t talk to and they already booked, but because they lead to a voicemail and you never call back, you just gotta pay the lead. 

I know one client that has had some success=, but he did da that Google Gaurnteee/LSA he found a lot of budget-minded clients that wanted the bare-bones package. He does believe that some people might hire him directly and not through the adjust because of the Google Guarantee Badge, but it only shows I think while you are running the ad. 

Contact me if you would like to hire me for support with your online presence.

Joni Scudder: It’s paying for leads not pay per click. 3 leads cost $63. We book 1 in 3 of our leads. We make an average of $5/41 we spend. So yes, it’s worth it. It also boosted our   Placement. 

Jone Scudder: You don’t need to pay for a certification. You just go through a background check process.

Annie Dieu: Also to sign up us free (must pay for background check though). The process takes around 2 months. Do not pay for any other company to register you - It’s free to register!!

Google My Business 

Google My Businessis a service that gives business owners more control over their visibility in local search results. This includes Google Maps and the “Local Pack”, located on the main search engine results page.  

Business owners create and build out their profiles including business description, address, phone number, logo, website URL, social media channels, and hours of operation. It’s best to be as thorough as possible and ensure that the N.A.P. (name, address and phone number) are consistent with your website, online directories, and local business listings. Business owners can post sales promotions, videos, pictures, and other content to captivate viewers. Customers can submit reviews and inquiries, which can be responded to in real-time. It’s best to stay on top of optimizing your Google My Business page and not let it fall dormant. This plays a large part in online marketing strategies including organic search rankings, local SEO, and paid ads.

What are Google Ads? 

Google Ads(formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform that allows business owners and advertisers to display ads, offerings, services, and video content to web users. The ads are placed on the web and search engine results pages that Google thinks are relevant. Unlike Google Local Services which is pay per lead, Google Ads is pay per click. Meaning that business owners don’t pay unless a lead clicks on their ad. 

Google has developed several additional services and tools to use with Google Ads including Keyword Planner and AdWords Express.

How Well Does Google’s Advertising Services Work? 

Google has an abundance of tools and services designed to help small businesses stick out in their local metropolitan areas. Some businesses live by using Google's marketing and advertising products, and some people feel it’s all a waste of time. However, here's what a few pros have said about using Google advertising for their businesses. 

"We use all of Google's main tools: Google Guaranteed, Google My Business, Google Local Services, and Google AdWords. They definitely help build leads. There are companies out there that want to manage it for us, but we’re doing fine right now without help." 

  • Annie D., Water Heater Experts Plumbing, LLC

“We use Google My Business and Google Guarantee. They help get our name out there, have boosted our website rankings, and improved our profits. Make sure that you state that you have online booking available on your company’s voicemail, or you may miss a customer. I would absolutely recommend both products to other business owners.”

  • Joni S., Pristine Carpet Cleaning

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