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How Do You Get Fast Leads On A Budget

How Do You Get Fast Leads On A Budget

How Do You Get Fast Leads On A Budget

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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How Do You Get Fast Leads On A Budget?

Home services are constantly in flux. Some days you may find you have more jobs than you can handle while other days may be slow. When you need to increase leads during slow times, you need to do it fast to be able to continually grow by hiring new employees and meet your overhead costs. 

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What Are Some Good Lead Generation Strategies That Work Fast?

Many of our pros utilize Facebook for quick, and inexpensive, leads. Facebook Ads are relatively inexpensive and can reach a large audience. They are easy to set up through your business manager account, and you can target ads to very specific audiences. It is also a great way to get your brand some exposure within your service areas. 

You can also create mailers through your local post office reaching targeted neighborhoods and your ideal demographic. Mailers should showcase your company, what you do, and include a tracking code or phone number so you can evaluate the ROI. Don’t forget to include a special offer that will incentive homeowners to call you.

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What About Thumbtack and Nextdoor?

Thumbtack is a lead generation service where you pay per lead. It can be costly, but if managed correctly, can help to fill your empty schedule. Thumbtack customers will submit requests and they are sent to multiple contractors. It is important to be able to respond quickly to make the most of the service. 

Nextdoor is another great source for leads. Though advertising can be expensive, it is a popular neighborhood specific service that is being utilized by thousands of homeowners looking for home service recommendations. 

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What About Networking?

Networking is something that all home service professionals should consider. There are many local business chambers, BNI groups, and other communities where local businesses can come together and share services, leads, and help to build brand awareness in your local area. However, with networking groups, it is important to invest your time and show up to events.

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Utilize Your Existing Customer Base

Using your existing customer base is also an effective and quick way to gain new customers. Create a referral program asking customers to refer their neighbors and family, as well as providing reviews after every service. Word of mouth, customer referrals, and great reviews are the best way to increase your overall presence both online and offline.

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Final Thoughts

Trying to generate fast leads can be a challenge. It will take some time investment, but there are many ways to find fast customers for a decent cost. It is important to test lead generation methods, as some will prove more lucrative for you than others, but you won’t know which ones are the best until you invest some time and marketing dollars.

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