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How Can I Generate More 5 Star Reviews?

How Can I Generate More 5 Star Reviews?

How Can I Generate More 5 Star Reviews?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

Housecall Pro

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Generate More Reviews

How Can I Generate More 5 Star Reviews?

Reputation management is vital to growing your home service company, but it is not as easy as you might think. How many times have you left a restaurant, or had services performed, and left a review if you were happy? 

Most customers are so thrilled to have their home cleaned, or plumbing fixed that they quickly move on with their regular schedules and do not think to write a great review for your company.

Lani Davis: 
July 19 at 2:48 PM

What do you do to encourage people to give more reviews? Like from the email that is sent after the finished job?

How Do You Encourage Customers to Post Reviews?

If you use an automated system through Housecall Pro, after the service, customers receive an email. Make sure that you have an easy link for customers to follow in the follow up message. You can place link directly to your website review site, Facebook, and even your Google My Business site. Yelp discourages asking for reviews, so it is better to not include a Yelp link if explicitly asking for a review. If you do use Yelp, use a phrase such as “Check Us Out on Yelp!”

Craig Dalrymple: If you turn your reviews app on, it will send when you mark the job as finished!

What If Customers Do Not Use The Review Link?

The most successful way of generating more reviews is by delivering great service in the field and having your service technicians let your customers know to look out for a review link at the time of service. 

It is even better if you use a review platform where technicians

Lani Davis: I get that already. Customers aren't filling them out. 

Craig Dalrymple: Ahh, I've seen several other Pros talk about making it apart of finishing the job. "After I leave, you are going to get a request for a review. If I haven't given you a 5-star service, please tell me now and I will make sure that I have. If I have given a 5-star service, please shat that in a review. This helps others see the quality that we strive for with every simple customer. Thank you!"

But not in my too wordy version of it. This lets you hear negative feedback, while you are there and can fix it and also creates an emotional call-to-action for your customer to write the review.

can send a request fro feedback at the time of service. 

Your technicians are front facing with the customers, so it is immediate and more personal making it more likely customers will want to leave feedback for a great service.

Carrie Woychesin: We have a Bitly in our finish email. It's generating a ton of reviews for us. 

Greg Rugby: I give'em the old razzle-dazzle with the work performed and customer service. 

Tom Calhoun: Ask. 

Mark LeDonne: The person in their home providing the service had to ask. I ran a business with 10+ technicians and the ones that asked about the reviews always--got them. The ones that never did. 

No matter what I said in an email, or on the invoice. I work on my own now and after I am done, I quickly tell the customer that they are going to get a text in a few minutes asking about a review. 

"It gives a quick link to Google, Facebook, and some others. I'd appreciate ie if you could take a moment. It means the world to me and keeps me in business." 

I usually get a review a few minutes later. Using NiceJob.

What Are The Best Review Sites?

Your website, Yelp, Google My Business, and even Facebook are the best places to direct reviews. Having testimonials on your site shows potential customers more about your company as they view your services, and Yelp, Google My Business, and Yelp all help with search rankings. 

And, if you are using Google Local Services, then you want to generate as many 5 star reviews though your Goole My Business as you can to increase your chances of ranking higher through Local Service Ads. 

Final Thoughts

Reviews are crucial to growing your company. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay and taking control of your online reputation is the best way to maintain a positive rating. 

Asking customers directly for feedback at the time of service is going to be more successful than passive methods, so enlist your employees through review incentives. If you have the capabilities to track their reviews, try incentivizing them with rewards such as a company barbecue if the company receives a target number of 5 star reviews every quarter.

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