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How To Successfully Estimate Project Costs For Your Customers

How To Successfully Estimate Project Costs For Your Customers

How To Successfully Estimate Project Costs For Your Customers

Posted by Tony Gee

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Learn how you can train your plumbers to bring back higher invoices to earn your plumbing business more revenue.

An estimate is the calculated total expected job costs, including taxes, overhead, labor and equipment costs. When customer approves of the estimate, then the estimate can be turned into an actual invoice.

One of the best practices you can provide when it comes to giving project cost estimates is consider giving multiple estimates as choices instead of walking away with only giving customers one option.

For example, if you get a main backed up sewer line and your plumber goes on a job to snake it. If the plumber wants to use a camera in the sewer line and the customer says no, consider running the camera anyway. Do not get hung up on a $200 camera when the entire job can get your business $2,000.

Once you locate the sewer line issue, maybe you can consider giving these three options:

  • 1. Spot repair and dual sweep cleanout

  • 2. Sectional repair

  • 3. Re-pipe

As a reminder, when you go out to repair a sewer line, make sure that you:

  • Use the camera

  • Locate the problem

  • Give the customer option

Estimating software by Housecall Pro can help you easily create estimates during a job. Once the customer approves of the estimate, we can directly turn that estimate into a professional invoice.

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