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Why Do Customers Choose Your Company?

Why Do Customers Choose Your Company?

Why Do Customers Choose Your Company?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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The Benefits of Customers Choosing Your Company

The Art of Effective Customer Service

Working in the home services industry, you eat, sleep and breathe customer service. It’s an art that’s comprised of many parts including belief in your product, treating every job (expensive and inexpensive) equally, building a knowledgeable team that has a “customer first” mentality, and most importantly, going above and beyond for your clients.   

What is the Meaning of Excellent Good Customer Service? 

A business that has good customer service will always rise above a company with the “newest and greatest”, in the long run. “Why?” You may ask. It’s because companies that treat each customer as a priority, as opposed to a dollar amount are more successful at building personalized and long-lasting relationships. It’s attributes such as dependability that build trust and keep customers returning, leaving positive reviews, and sending referrals.

Yvonne Villeneuve: Our talented team. Customers can't believe how seamless our service is from the first phone call to the final completion. We have the best people and HCP keeps it all organized. 

Barbara Bice: Yvonne Villeneuve Cusomter serive prven tme and time again!!
Screenshot 2019-08-19 14.40.59Sarah Kennedy: On-time every time!! And we offer world-class customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

David Franco: #1 benefit to our customers choosing us is the extra time. The reedom they get while we provide them with a clean home. 

Leo Rowitz: Service quality and responsiveness. 

James Bolin: Time.

How Do You Show Good Customer Service? 

When building your brand, you want to set yourself apart from your competition. One must consider, “What is my business known for and makes it shine?” Patience, attentiveness, integrity, clear communication, an ability to read customers, and being open to feedback are all attributes that answer this question.

MeGs Stevenson: When they choose us, they chose a good company with integrity...we clean homes while customers aren’t in their house. Must have integrity to do this type of business!

Barbara Bice: Megs Stevenson So lots os trust! Wonderful!
David Whittaker: A cultivated personal relationship and world-class service. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, I adhere to the highest standards and the best product available. We will be better today than we were yesterday. 
Claire Walker: Quick response and excellent customer service. 
Beresford Samuel: I'm the tech you can still get ahold of after you pay me. I’m webmaster that gives you the keys to your website and online presences and still isn’t hard to  find when you need me’

I only work with owners that have a good reputation and mindset. I help them to present their best selves online. 

Barbara Bice: Beresford Samuel I love that you qualify your clients. 
Jamie Lene Lewis: We own a plumbing shop, 805 Plumbing Inc. Permanent solutions, not temporary fixes. A license holder that is extremely knowledgeable and a dog whisper. We fix all other plumbing shops in town’s errors and sloppy work. Eco-friendly options. Competitive pricing, financing available and by having this app, customers love the notifications.

Final Thoughts

When customers choose your business, they want to know that they matter and are a priority. They come to you to fix their problems and make their lives easier. If you can do this seamlessly and give them a positive experience, then you’ll ace customer satisfaction. From there, the sky's the limit.

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