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Bad Reviews Are Not The End Of The World

Bad Reviews Are Not The End Of The World

Bad Reviews Are Not The End Of The World

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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Bad Reviews Are Not The End Of The World

Having a customer write a bad review about your company can feel terrible, especially if the customer does not tell the whole truth. It can be frustrating to receive a bad review, but they are an unfortunate reality. However, how you deal with negative reviews can make all the difference in your online reputation. 

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How Do You Handle Bad Reviews?

Dealing with negative reviews is not tricky. The best way to respond is with sincerity and without emotion. There have been many businesses that respond with anger and frustration, but that only starts an online battle that will do more harm to your reputation that a few one-star reviews.

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It can be disheartening when you have done your best to appease an unreasonable customer, but the good news is that most consumers read business responses to reviews to learn about your company. They can determine who you are as an individual, and a company, by how graciously you reply to negative reviews.

Should You Address Specific Review Complaints?

Replying to reviews and addressing specific complaints is tricky. Many businesses want to address the complaints in the review to show readers they did not make a mistake. While this may seem like a good idea, it could lead to the reviewer updating the review and end up with a back and forth argument.

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Keeping your response short and to the point is the best way to show potential customers researching your company that you have better things to do than argue with your customers. Yelp and Google recommend thanking customers for their feedback and responding privately to address concerns. You do not have to apologize but keep it sincere.

“We appreciate all feedback, positive and negative, as it helps us to continually improve our services. We are always available to discuss concerns and do everything in our power to make our customers happy.”

Showing you are willing to take feedback seriously and are open to discussing concerns in person tells potential customers you care. 

How Do You Move On From A Negative Review?

Respond and move on. Most consumers distrust companies that have hundreds of five-star reviews. Consumers understand that companies are human and do make errors. They want to see that companies care enough to fix them and they can also spot vengeful customers posting lies. 

Companies can also reach out to current happy customers and ask them personally for a review. Be careful not to send review links electronically unless you are using a trusted review platform, as this would trigger algorithms that they are not genuine. Eventually, negative reviews will be moved down the list and you will show that you are a real company with real customers. 

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Final Thoughts

Focus on doing the best job you can, and make sure you are utilizing a system to get reviews on every “happy” job. A few one-star reviews will not damage your reputation, and by responding thoughtfully, you can focus on the readers of reviews instead of putting your energy into unreasonable customers who cannot be pleased.

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