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How Do You Avoid Theft From Company Vehicles

How Do You Avoid Theft From Company Vehicles

How Do You Avoid Theft From Company Vehicles

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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How Do You Avoid Theft From Company Vehicles?

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There are always individuals looking for a way to make money without working for it, and they see plumbing and HVAC vans loaded with tools as easy targets. It is a service pro nightmare, so how can you protect your property from theft? 

How Do You Protect Company Vehicles?

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A good deterrent form theft is removing temptation. Making sure that the area surrounding your parked vehicles is well lit will help make it harder for thieves. This is easier if you have control with parked vehicles at your headquarters or shop. 

You can also invest in surveillance cameras, both for locations where vehicles are parked and for the vehicles themselves. 

And lastly, ensure all vehicles are equipped with alarm systems, heavy duty locks and GPS location services.

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What Happens When Vehicles Are Parked During Jobs?

While most theft takes place in poorly lit areas and late at night, some thieves are bold enough to attempt to steal from vehicles during the day. Protecting your vehicles, even while on a service call, is just as important. 

Educate all your employees on the importance of locking their vehicles, even if they are going in and out for tools. While it may be more time consuming, leaving doors open while running back and forth inside of your customers house leaves an easy target for thieves. 

You can also make it harder for thieves by parking your vehicles close to buildings removing easy access and avoid parking patterns.

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Final Thoughts 

While you cannot avoid criminals, you can make it harder for them to steal from you. The best offense is a good defense, so invest in good lights, good locks, surveillance systems, GPS, and maintain complete awareness of your surroundings.

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