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What Are The Best Mobile Messaging Apps For Home Service Professionals?

What Are The Best Mobile Messaging Apps For Home Service Professionals?

What Are The Best Mobile Messaging Apps For Home Service Professionals?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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Best Mobile Messaging Apps

The Best Mobile Messaging Apps For Home Services Professionals

Mobile Messaging Apps That Keep Your Team Connected in the Field

Effective communication in business is important, and in the home services industry, it’s essential. Staying connected with your team in the field requires the right communication tools, so that everyone is one the same page, organized, accountable, and engaged. 

Long gone are the days when companies would loan out bulky brick phones or Nextels, with their infamous push to talk “chirps”. Companies were spending thousands of dollars to ensure that they stayed connected with their staff members. 

Fast Forward to 2019 and technology has advanced by light-years. Today, the advantages of communication are endless! Smartphones fit in the palm of your hands. Mobile applications have taken employee communication to the next level. What once started as internal office communication tools, have been consolidated and synced with smartphones, and are hitting the streets...errr, the field. There are hundreds of inexpensive and free social media platforms, team chat software, and mobile messaging apps that are user-friendly (for the not so tech-savvy) and cost-effective that can be implemented into your internal communications strategy. 

What are the Benefits of Incorporating Mobile Apps and Messaging?

Incorporating mobile applications into your communications strategy creates multiple ways to stay connected by instant messaging, private chat groups, SMS/text messages, push notifications, video calling, and voice recordings. From a workflow standpoint, the team chat software will help solve in-the-field issues and increase productivity. 

1. Troubleshoot Issues

If team members have issues such as receiving a wrong address, encounter service truck breakdown, a job is running longer than expected, or HQ has an administration-related question everyone can connect in no time. 

2. Improve Teamwork

When employees run into issues or need additional support on the job, they can contact each other for assistance.  

3. Cost Effective Investment 

Most apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are free. Others such as Slack, do require a monthly subscription fees, but in the long run, it will be well worth the investment. 

4. Hold Employees Accountable

When in the field, it’s hard to check an email. Utilizing chat groups enables

HQ and management the ability to send announcement messages to all of their employees at once. It also allows employees to maintain organizational task management.

5. Boost Employee Engagement 

Managers and supervisors can view if an employee has seen their message, voice recording, or video. Employees can give immediate feedback. It takes less time to perform one of the mentioned methods, opposed to sending an email. A published report stated that it’s hard for people to ignore text messages and push notifications. 90% of people read text messages within the first 3 minutes of receiving it.

Should the Company Pay or the Employee? 

Cathleen Cresar Marsh: Do you ask people to put apps on private phones (you pay monthly)? Do you have a company while? 

Triya Tahoma Smith: Cathleen Cresar Marsh We ask them to put apps on their phones that we pay for.

One step forward, two steps backward. Over the past few years, there has been an ongoing argument as to whether companies or employees should pay for uniforms, tools, and equipment. However, business owners should consider footing the bill for employee smartphones, communication applications, and work-related usage. Consider it a smart investment, such as a load calculator for an HVAC technician, a voltage tester for an electrician, or pipe cutters for a plumber. Notwithstanding, the result depends on the company’s ethos and financial standing. 

Home Services Pros Favorite Mobile Apps to Stay Connected 

Home Services professionals are getting creative and savvy in the ways that they keep communication with their teams in the field. While there are hundreds of different mobile applications on the market, take a look at what other pros are using to stay connected.

Nick Daniels: WhatsApp helped us. We were using a standard group text messaging but then found out as we added more employees that group text only goes up to 19 people. 

WhatsApp is unlimited amour. Of people in a group, WhatsApp is nearly the same thing as a group text and it's for free.

Brand Riggs: We use GroupMe! We have ahead of different types of information, like general, fix it, timesheet errors, management, etc.


Amanda Castillo Alatorre: Google hangouts without our G Suite account. You can do text, calls, and videos. Also, create different groups and it's all linked with Gmail account for each employee. 

Melissa Falcone: We put all our job-related notes in HCP and monitor it constantly, but for stuff that's not job-specific, we use text messaging. 

Natalie Fox: Google Hangouts. 

Same Rowland: Flock is great for team communication.

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