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What Are The Best Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees?

What Are The Best Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees?

What Are The Best Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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What Are The Best Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees?

Finding good employees is hard, so once you hire a good team, it is important to keep them happy. They work hard for you, especially in home services busiest seasons. So how do you show your employees that you appreciate them? 

What Are Good Gift Ideas Your Employees Will Love?

Drew Orton
July 27 at 7:18 PM

Best swag you’ve given your employees/technicians that they truly appreciated?

You want to show your team that their hard work is appreciated, but what are some great gift ideas that they will really show them they are appreciated? 

Gifts like Apple watches are great, as they are usually something many service employees can use, but may not purchase on their own. When thinking of something expensive, it is a good idea to ensure your employees do not already have them.

Emily Maneck McGrath: Apply watches.

Drew Orton: Emily Maneck McGrath OOOOhhhh you set the bar high!!!! I like it! Was it for a special event? 

Emily Manmeck McGrath: It was right before Christmas. We wanted to get everyone something “extra” and no one had one. They loved them. 

Emily Maneck McGrath: One of our employees just graduated high school and is an apprentice. He asked his mom for a tool bag as a graduation gift and she flaked out on him, so my husband not hom a Veto bag. We try and keep an ear out for what the guys like/need, but maybe wouldn’t buy for themselves and then look for reasons to get it for them. 

Drew Orton: Emily Maneck McGrath which makes it super personal. That’s awesome. 
MacKenzie Deschamp: Heated jackets. 

Victoria Marie Martin: 3-day cruise for each of them plus 1. We are all going in Feb. 

Paul Suggs: I took all my employees to DC fort WCRA, a big event for a week where I first became aware of Housecall Pro. Sales and have been using it since. Then we toured DC and then embroidered on it. 

Fast Freddie: Hats, shirts, sweatshirts, heated jackets. 

Drew Orton: Fast Freddie Heated jackets!!

Fast Freddie: Drew Ortin Yeah, Did Dewalt and Milwaukee depending on the tool they have.

Another great gift idea is tools and high quality work gear. Your technicians will probably appreciate receiving something they can use for both work and personal use.

Cathleen Creaser Marsh Boots?

Skyanna Diaz: Free chair massages!!!

Drew Orton: Skynna Diaz that is cool too!!

Since your team works hard, you may also consider providing them with something to receive stress and tension, like massages at the office or gift certificates. 

You can also take your employees out for team building events. Send out a company survey asking your team what sort of activities would interest them and have them vote as a company on the top three. Spending quality time with your team outside of work will also strengthen your company culture.

Beverly Richards: We spent an afternoon on the range. It was a wonderful run afternoon. A chance for us to get together and laugh. 

Andrew Philbrick: Beverly Richards There’s only one kind of range that I know of. 

Drew Orton: Beverly Richards They would love that too.

Another great way to show employee appreciation is hosting annual company parties for employees and their families. You can host summer family picnics, holiday galas, pre and post summer “we made it through the season” events to wind down. These offer great opportunities to bond with your team, show them you care and also get to know their families.

Cassie Pound: We do 3 parties a year. 

Beginning of summer. 
We Survived the summer. 

Gifts we’ve given:
VetoPro packs
Carhartt jackets
Digital gauges
Ice chests

Final Thoughts 

Finding, hiring, and retaining good employees is a challenge. Showing them you care is crucial to building a strong company culture and creating loyalty. Get to know what they like by creating surveys and keep an idea list running. Whether it is as simple as offering gift cards or treating them to lunch, extravagant gifts throughout the year, or hosting parties that allow you team to bond and unwind, make sure to show your team they are appreciated.

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