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Is Angie’s List Worth The Money?

Is Angie’s List Worth The Money?

Is Angie’s List Worth The Money?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

Housecall Pro

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Is Angie’s List Worth The Money?

Before discussing Angie’s List, it is worth noting that it is now part of another lead generation platform, Home Advisor. 

While Angie’s List was a great source for quality leads and customer acquisition for many years, they have shifted their platform to a free service for customers and passed on rising costs to contractor members, but does it still bring in quality leads to home service professionals?

Joni Scudder:
We are and saw great success with it at first. Then they got bought by Home Advisor...It’s not really doing as well since that happened. 

We have two contracts. We are considering dropping one (buying out the contract) in favor of going to Google Guarantee. 

Sarah Kennedy: 
We pay $800/mo. We maybe get a few calls. We’ve had some luck with Google. Angie’s List used to be great. Everything is Google.

Angie’s List advertising has become incredibly expensive as they price by services, market, and total members. In order to attain the reach you would need to be truly successful, contractors could end up spending their entire marketing budget just on Angie’s List. Additionally, many members have faced the problem of spam leads, and frustration over the fact that leads being farmed to multiple contractors. 

Are Angie’s List Leads High Quality?

Since Angie’s List has become part of Home Advisor, the leads that come in actually come from several sources. In past years, homeowners would turn to Angie’s List to find a reputable contractor, but with all of the directory listings owned by Home Advisor, leads can come from virtually anywhere. 

Leads are sold to multiple contractors, which makes booking a lead extremely competitive and the edge goes to the first responder (if it is even a real customer looking for actual service).  Many contractors have experienced situations where customers are surprised to be contacted. This is because Home Advisor owns multiple directories and does not always inform customers on different networks that they are part of the Home Advisor network. Because they cross sell leads, the real winners are Home Advisor and Angie’s List. 

Samantha Marie: 
Yes, I have Home Advisor and I’ve called people and they have said I never was signed on with Home Advisor. Lol!

What Is The Best Alternative To Angies’ List And Home Advisor?

Google Local Services is a great investment. It is a relatively inexpensive source of leads, and while customers do have the option to contact multiple companies, they are calling or messaging companies directly. It is also a selling point for customers because of the Google Guaranteed badge signifying trust. 

Local neighborhood directories such as Nextdoor are also worth looking into and can be a great place to build brand awareness and word of mouth referrals. However, the Nextdoor advertising platform is costly, but can be a win for owning local neighborhoods. 

What Do Our Members Recommend When Considering Angie’s List?

The sentiment does vary greatly, with some contractors finding great success. They do mention they spend a great deal of time managing the leads and have to be fast when responding. However, the majority opinion seems to say steer clear. 

Amanda Chandler-Joy:
Run!!! Far and fast and never look back...Angie’s List and Home advisor are the biggest scams out there. If you really want to put your money into a lead-finding service, try Google Local Services. They're legit and you only pay for good quality leads.

Final Thoughts

Angie's List is not what it used to be, and Home Advisor may be even worse (according to some of our members). Plumbing has become a highly competitive industry, so it is a challenge to know where to place your advertising dollars. But with high cost leads and questionable quality, there are better places to spend your marketing budget, such as Google Local Services.

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